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Article: Remove stains from a leather jacket

Rimuovere le macchie da un giubbotto di pelle

Remove stains from a leather jacket

Stains on a leather jacket can be annoying to remove, but with the right attention and the right products, good results can be achieved.

BARONE FIRENZE recommends acting on stains promptly, dabbing them gently with a damp cloth or soft sponge. In case of persistent stains, it is possible to use specific products for the skin such as sprays or cleansing creams.

However, it is essential to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and check the compatibility of the product with the leather of the jacket. Furthermore, it is important to avoid rubbing the leather excessively so as not to damage it and not to use aggressive substances such as bleach or alcohol.

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Conservare un giubbotto di pelle

Keep a leather jacket

Conservation is a fundamental aspect to preserve the beauty and durability of the leather jacket. BARONE FIRENZE recommends storing the jacket in a wardrobe or special box, away from sources of he...

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Guida Completa alla Pulizia del Tuo Giubbotto di Pelle

Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Leather Jacket

Scopri come mantenere il tuo giubbotto di pelle in condizioni impeccabili con la nostra guida completa alla pulizia. Segui i consigli di Barone Firenze per preservare eleganza e durata.

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