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Tradition of Florentine artisans

made in Italy, made with love

our home: Florence

Immersed in the heart of Florence, cradle of art and craftsmanship, we are inspired daily by the timeless beauty that surrounds our headquarters. The creative energy of Florence permeates every creation, making each piece a unique work of art.


Barone's history is intertwined with passion and authentic craftsmanship. Founded in 1993, our leather goods brand is synonymous with Made in Italy outerwear and accessories, expertly crafted by the expert hands of Florentine artisans.

Born from the visionary mind of Massimo Romolini, founder and entrepreneur, Barone is much more than a brand: it is an authentic expression of love for the product. Every garment, every accessory in real leather is a testimony to the craftsmanship that characterizes Florence.

Made in Italy, Made with Love: the Barone family

We are committed to offering products that go beyond the concept of ephemeral fashion. Our leather goods are an investment in time, without duration limits, without time constraints, without age. It is a heritage to be worn with pride, made to withstand changing fashions.

Since 2020, the Barone brand has taken on a new dimension by becoming a family-run company with the entry of sons Matteo, Roberto and Niccolò, who hold the positions of General, Stores and Digital Marketing Manager.

A Unique Leather Goods Experience: attention to detail

Each product tries to give shape to the dream that animates Massimo and the entire Barone company: to convey care for something that has no duration, no time, no age.

Each Barone garment is the result of a unique experience. Our leather goods go beyond the concept of product; it is a journey into the world of Italian craftsmanship, an experience that embraces the wearer with authenticity.

Starting from the careful selection of the leather, all production phases are carried out by hand, guaranteeing meticulous work that respects the product.

Our Team

The true creators behind every creation are our Florentine artisans. Each piece is shaped by the expert hands of those who know the art of leather goods inside and out. Their craftsmanship transforms leather into works of art, with meticulous attention to detail.

Founded in 1993, the first BARONE FIRENZE store is located in the heart of Florence: Piazza Beccaria. Today the brand has 9 stores throughout Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto, with 45 employees working in the sales team and 15 in the offices (10% men and 90% women).