The Brand

The Barone Brand originates first and foremost from a great love for Italian fashion and craftsmanship. The company, creator of the brand, was born as a small artisan reality of leather goods thanks to the passion of a family. We are in the heart of Florence, a city of art and culture, where an entire city fabric revolves around the creation of leather goods.

A work that is based on a tradition that has never stopped and that starts from the careful selection of the raw material to create unique and long-lasting garments.


The Founder

The project of the owner, Massimo Romolini, conceived and tenaciously supported from the earliest years, was to create a business reality based on mutual attention and respect between people and Made in Italy
as an expression of creativity, dedication and attention to detail.

Barone Firenze is not just the story of a company, it is the story of a family.
Roberto, Matteo and Niccolò are the new generational engine of the company, pursuing tradition but also opening up to a new and inevitable change.

"To win you need to be a team"

People within the company feel part of a close-knit team,
a small community where strength lies in teamwork,
where everyone is proud to grow and learn new techniques.

The real protagonist: the raw material.

Everything stems from the careful selection of the leather, which is followed by various processing steps
completely handcrafted, such as the padding and hand ironing of selected leathers.
These first phases are followed by cutting, sewing and finishing:
three steps that make our garments unique in their kind.

As a result of experiments and tests in the handling of untreated leather we have found
our personal winning formula.
These processes have resulted in a unique and particular leather,
hallmark of the Barone brand.

A look to the future.

In this historical moment of great working fluidity is
it is important to get involved and seek new stimuli.
At the base of our work is the search for new trends that are born
from the understanding of our territory and the people around us.

Our daily commitment is to focus on the future, on research
and on the ideas of young talents to face new challenges,
carry out prestigious projects but above all to bring quality
of Italian fashion all over the world.

"Every detail is a tale of crafts and traditions that comes from the hands of the artisans to yours, for a perfect gift."