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Article: Distinguish real leather from synthetic leather

Distinguere la vera pelle da quella sintetica

Distinguish real leather from synthetic leather

Leather is a high-quality, valuable material, but can often be confused with similar synthetic materials. BARONE FIRENZE recommends paying attention to some signs to distinguish real leather from synthetic leather.

First of all, real leather has a natural, irregular and porous texture, while synthetic leather has a uniform and regular texture. Furthermore, real leather has a fresh and soft feel to the touch, while synthetic leather can feel more rigid and plasticized.

Another sign to distinguish real leather from synthetic is the smell. Real leather has a characteristic natural odor, while synthetic leather has no particular odor.

Finally, you can check for the presence of seams and joints: real leather has irregular joints and resistant, thick stitching, while synthetic leather has regular joints and thin, delicate stitching.

Overall, paying attention to these signs can help you distinguish real leather from synthetic leather and help you purchase a high-quality item.

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