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Article: Take care of jackets, coats and leather clothing

Prendersi cura di giacche, cappotti e abbigliamento in pelle

Take care of jackets, coats and leather clothing

A high-quality leather garment is a long-lasting investment that requires specific care to preserve its beauty and functionality over time. BARONE FIRENZE recommends following some guidelines to take care of your leather outerwear.

Storage: Store your leather items in a moderate environment, avoiding excessive humidity or dryness and exposure to direct sunlight.

Use padded or wooden hangers to preserve its shape, being careful not to stretch the leather.

Always store your items in a breathable cotton or fabric bag, avoiding plastic or vinyl dry cleaning bags that prevent air circulation and drying out of the skin's natural oils.

Drying: if your leather item gets wet, let it dry in natural air, avoiding heat sources. Once dry, you can treat it with a specific conditioner to restore its shine and flexibility. Avoid petroleum-based products or mineral oils, which can dry out your skin.

If the item is made of suede, brush it gently with a terry towel.

Cleaning: in most cases, it is best to entrust the cleaning of leather items to a specialized professional. A regular dry cleaner is not equipped to handle the specific needs of your skin and can dry out the natural oils that keep your skin supple and healthy. However, for small stains or routine cleaning, you can use specific products for leather and carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions.

In general, paying attention to the storage, drying and cleaning of leather items is key to keeping them in excellent condition and enjoying their beauty and functionality over time.

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