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“BARON Fidelity”

This regulation is drawn up pursuant to art. 6 Presidential Decree 430/2001, letter c-bis) introduced by art. 22.bis, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 91/2014, converted with amendments by Law 116/2014.

QB Srl, VAT number 06056000489, registered office Via San Quirico, 165- 50013 – Campi Bisenzio (FI).

The promotional operation called “BARONE Fidelity” will begin on 03/21/2024 and end on 12/31/2025. It will be possible to accumulate points until 12/31/2025 and the prizes can be requested by 01/31/2026, after which the points will be reset. Unless otherwise extended.


The operation takes place in the territory of the Italian Republic and the Republic of San Marino.

All products and services marketed by the Barone Firenze branded sales points:
•Baron Florence “Beccaria”
•Baron Florence “Santa Maria Novella”
•Baron Florence “Prato”
•Baron Florence “The Lilies”
•Baron Florence “Pisa”
•Baron Florence “San Vincenzo”
•Baron Florence “Lucca”
•Baron Florence “Lido di Camaiore”
•Baron Florence “Porto Azzurro”
•Baron Florence “Perugia”
•Barone Firenze “Bistrot”
•Baron Florence “OnLine”
•Baron Florence “Verona”

“BARON Fidelity”

Any natural person who is resident or domiciled in the Italian Republic and in the Republic of San Marino and who is the holder of the “Barone Firenze” Fidelity Card can participate in the operation.

Participation in the prize competition is free. The accumulation of points occurs through the use of a Fidelity Card.

All recipients of the promotion who make purchases at Barone Firenze stores during the promotional period will accumulate points for each purchase made, which will flow into the same points collection.


The “Barone Firenze Fidely Card” allows you to accumulate a number of points proportional to the spending made. The method of disbursement of points varies depending on the type of card, i.e. each type of card accumulates a different number of points, according to the table below. This weighting can also be consulted within the point of sale.

The points will be loaded at the authorized terminals of the points of sale, showing the "Barone Firenze Fidely Card" at the checkout before making the purchase.

The calculation for the attribution of points will refer to the total balance of the expenditure relating to the products, rounded to the nearest euro and to the actual amount net of discounts.

The balance of your points can be requested at the enabled terminals of the points of sale or on the “Barone Firenze” mobile app.

During particular promotions, the load of points may be suspended, or the weighting may undergo variations, which will be made known to customers in stores and online, through suitable communication tools.

During the validity period of the Program, the Promoter reserves the right to assign a greater number of points for specific activities, even of limited duration, or for certain categories of products and/or services, as well as to include in the promotion additional categories of products and/or services. The Promoter also reserves the right to award any discounts or other benefits to Participants.

The holders of the “Barone Fidelity Card” will be made aware of any such opportunities through specific communications in participating stores, on the website, or on the La Barone Firenze mobile APP.

the “Barone Fidely Cards” are of different types and each corresponds to a different weighting of the points assigned, corresponding to that shown in the table below:

First name Weighting Bonuses
Fidelity Card €10 5 pts
Gold Card €10 10 pts
VIP Card €10 10 pts Discount at sight 10%

All natural persons, resident and/or domiciled in Italy and who intend to participate in the prize operation, will be given a numbered card called "Card Barone", equipped with a unique code capable of recording the purchases made and the points accumulated.
The card is owned by QB Srl with registered office in Via San Quirico, 165 - 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI). If use is found to be inconsistent with these regulations, QB Srl reserves the right to suspend use of the card without notice. The card is personal and does not expire, unless otherwise indicated by the Promoter.
In the event of theft or loss of the card, the holder must promptly notify QB Srl by calling the number +39 3492617704 or landline 0558826045 and then following up with an email to: or a written communication to QB Srl Via San Quirico, 165 - 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI). The blocking of the card will only be effective 24 hours after communication, but the points present will be recharged onto a new card, which will be delivered to Barone Firenze points of sale. If the points on the card have been used to acquire rewards before the card was actually blocked, these can no longer be recharged onto the new card.
The card will be issued by the staff in the Barone Firenze shops, after the customer has filled out an membership form.
The request to activate the Barone Firenze Card presupposes having read and fully accepted the regulations, which can be consulted in full at the registered office of the Promoter or in the form of an extract on the website
The Promoter undertakes to use and retain the information provided in the application form and to process personal data in accordance with the provisions of current law.


The customer will not be entitled to accumulate points for purchases of products/services already subject to other ongoing promotional activities or for purchases of particular products communicated to participants with suitable information tools.


The points accumulated by the participants in the operation in the Barone Firenze branded stores and managed by the following companies that support QB Srl in this Coalition operation:

•QB Srl – VAT number: 06056000489 – Registered office in Via San Quirico, 165 - 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) – Promoter and manager of the following stores:

Store name PDV address
Baron Florence - Beccaria Borgo La Croce, 3R - 50121 Florence (FI)
Baron Florence - Prato Via Giuseppe Mazzoni, 8 - 59100 Prato
Baron Florence - The Lilies Via San Quirico, 165- Campi Bisenzio (FI)
Baron Florence - Pisa Corso Italia, 178 - 56125 Pisa (PI)
Baron Florence - Porto Azzurro Via Castelfidardo, 14 - 57027 Porto Azzurro (LI)
Baron Florence - Perugia Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 30 - 06121 Perugia (PG)
Baron Florence - Verona Via Mazzini, 61 - 37121 Verona (VR)

•Chloe Srl – VAT number: 02542560970 - Registered office in Via dei Fossi 14/C, 59100, Prato (PO) – Affiliate

Store name PDV address
Baron Florence - Panzani Piazza dell'Unità Italiana, 13R - 50123 Florence (FI)

•MAXI by Mao Qiou – VAT number: 05363900282 – Registered office in Via Venezia 59-61, 35129, Padua (PD) – Affiliate

Store name PDV address
Baron Florence - San Vincenzo Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 28 - 57027 San Vincenzo (LI)
Baron Florence - Lucca Via Santa Croce, 4 - 55100 Lucca (LU)
Baron Florence - Lido di Camaiore Lungomare Europa, 10 - 55100 Lido di Camaiore (LU)

•Barone World Srl – VAT number: 07097340488 – Registered office in Via degli Olmi 65, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI) – Affiliate

Store name PDV address
Casa Barone Bistrot Boutique Via degli Olmi, 65 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

•Barone Trading Srl – VAT number: 06912420483 – Registered office in Via degli Olmi 65, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI) – Affiliate

Store name PDV address
Barone Florence - E-Commerce

they can be used to request prizes consisting of discount vouchers worth €10 for every 100 points accumulated at Barone Firenze branded points of sale (THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF THE BRN POINT is €0.10.

At the same time as the card holder requests the prize, the points corresponding to the chosen prize will be deducted from his balance. Any remaining points will remain available to the card holder and can be used to request further rewards.

REQUEST AND DELIVERY OF PRIZES : “Barone Firenze Fidelycard” holders who have accrued a sufficient number of points to request the chosen prize must ask to take advantage of the discount at all Barone Firenze branded sales points that are part of the circuit, before making the payment. The use of the discount voucher occurs at the same time as the request.

The prize request can be made from the start of the prize operation until 01.31.2026. After this deadline, the accumulated points will be reset to zero, unless extended.


Termination of participation in the Operation

Participants can terminate their participation in the operation by renouncing the Barone Firenze Fidelity Card at any time by sending an email to In such case, participation in the transaction will cease with immediate effect from receipt of such communication.

The Promoter may exclude a Participant from the operation, revoking the Barone Firenze Fidelity Card, with immediate effect for just cause, by giving written notice to the Participant containing an indication of the relevant reasons. Just cause includes, for example, fraudulent or abusive use of the Barone Firenze Fidelity Card or its number, or other violations of the Regulations of the “ Barone Fidelity ” prize operation or of applicable laws.

Any case of termination of participation in the operation determines the loss of Points collected by the Participants concerned, without it being possible to redeem the Points.

Amendment of the Regulations of the “Barone Fidelity” promotional operation

The Promoter reserves the right to integrate or modify the Regulations of the “ Barone Fidelity ” operation, taking care that the changes made do not harm the rights acquired by the Participants.

The complete regulation governing the initiative is available at the registered office of the Promoter and can be consulted upon request by interested parties.

Prize Operation Regulations - Barone Fidelity