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The Italian tradition that arrives
from the hands of the artisans to yours.

From the most traditional models to those of new trends, our jackets they tell the Italian style that distinguishes us: craftsmanship, functionality and versatility.

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Rebe SfoderatoRebe Sfoderato
Rebe Sfoderato Sale price€373,50
Chiodo Donna Bis Sfoderato TiffanyChiodo Donna Bis Sfoderato Tiffany
Ire Corto SfoderatoIre Corto Sfoderato
Ire Corto Sfoderato Sale price€283,50
Giacca Boheme SfoderataGiacca Boheme Sfoderata
Giacca Boheme Sfoderata Sale price€298,50
Irene Gold VintageIrene Gold Vintage - Barone Firenze
Irene Gold Vintage Sale price€358,50
Irene Stones VintageIRENE STONES VINTAGE - Barone Firenze
Irene Stones Vintage Sale price€448,50
Sofia VintageSOFIA VINTAGE - Barone Firenze
Sofia Vintage Sale price€448,50
Irene Gold Vintage ShortIrene Gold Vintage Corto - Barone Firenze
Irene Gold Vintage Short Sale price€343,50
Gaia Bike Vintage NailCHIODO GAIA BIKE VINTAGE - Barone Firenze
Gaia Bike Vintage Nail Sale price€493,50
Amber SuedeAmbra Camoscio - Barone Firenze
Amber Suede Sale price€388,50
Rose Suede BlazerBlazer Rose Camoscio - Barone Firenze
Rose Suede Blazer Sale price€433,50
Sally Encore VintageSALLY BIS VINTAGE - Barone Firenze
Sally Encore Vintage Sale price€448,50
Irene Cipria Corto Collo Chanel - Barone FirenzeIrene Cipria Corto Collo Chanel - Barone Firenze
Ire Gold Collo Chanel SfoderatoIrene Gold Collo Chanel Sfoderato - Barone Firenze
RebeccaREBECCA - Barone Firenze
Rebecca Sale price€448,50
Rose BlazerROSE - Barone Firenze
Rose Blazer Sale price€373,50
AmberAMBRA - Barone Firenze
Amber Sale price€283,50
Ale Giacca Sfoderata DonnaAle Giacca Sfoderata Donna - Barone Firenze
Ale Giacca Sfoderata Donna Sale price€343,50
Nail WomanCHIODO DONNA - Barone Firenze
Nail Woman Sale price€388,50
Irene Short Neck ChanelIrene Corto Collo Chanel - Barone Firenze
Irene Short Neck Chanel Sale price€283,50
ViolaVIOLA - Barone Firenze
Viola Sale price€283,50
Trench Borchie - Barone FirenzeTRENCH BORCHIE - Barone Firenze
Studded trench coat Sale price€1.048,50
Rebecca LuxuryREBECCA LUXURY - Barone Firenze
Rebecca Luxury Sale price€478,50
SofiaSOFIA - Barone Firenze
Sofia Sale price€373,50
Gaia Bike FlameGaia Bike Flame
Gaia Bike Flame Sale price€478,50
Chiodo Donna BisChiodo Donna Bis - Barone Firenze
Chiodo Donna Bis Sale price€298,50
Gaia BikeGAIA BIKE - Barone Firenze
Gaia Bike Sale price€433,50
Green Woman Nail CHIODO DONNA VERDE - Barone Firenze
Green Woman Nail Sale price€373,50
Tushna VintageLa sahariana è un esemplare di giacca senza tempo. Il Tushna è una variante originale del classico modello coi tasconi grazie alle nuance dei colori vintage. Giacca da donna in vera pelle di agnello 100% Made in Italy.
Tushna Vintage Sale price€508,50
Sally BisSally Bis
Sally Bis Sale price€373,50
Sally Bis Neck GoldSALLY BIS COLLO ORO - Barone Firenze
Sally Bis Neck Gold Sale price€448,50
Irene Gold Neck ChanelIrene Gold Collo Chanel - Barone Firenze
Irene Gold Neck Chanel Sale price€298,50
Vegetable Gaia BikeGaia Bike Vegetale - Barone Firenze
Vegetable Gaia Bike Sale price€508,50
Sally Bis LungoSALLY BIS LUNGO - Barone Firenze
Sally Bis Lungo Sale price€598,50
CarlottaCARLOTTA - Barone Firenze
Carlotta Sale price€598,50
Irene StonesIrene Stones - Barone Firenze
Irene Stones Sale price€418,50
IRINA - Barone FirenzeIRINA - Barone Firenze
Irina Plus Sale price€358,50
GAIA BIKE DIPINTO - Barone Firenze
Gaia Bike Painting Sale price€553,50
Sofia with HoodSOFIA CON CAPPUCCIO - Barone Firenze
Sofia with Hood Sale price€433,50
SALLY PLUS - Barone FirenzeSALLY PLUS - Barone Firenze
Sally Plus Sale price€403,50
Sold outLux NailChiodo Lux - Barone Firenze
Lux Nail Sale price€448,50
Leaves Jacket with ZipGiacca Foglie con Zip - Barone Firenze
Leaves Jacket with Zip Sale price€463,50
Long Leaves Jacket with ZipLong Leaves Jacket with Zip
Long Leaves Jacket with Zip Sale price€690,00