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Discover the secrets to keeping your leather jackets and bags in perfect condition. From cleaning tips to ideal storage practices, learn how to care for your leather items to preserve their beauty and durability.

Your Barone Firenze product is an artisanal creation, made with the best materials hand-selected by our expert craftsmen. Made to the highest standards of quality and expertise, your Barone Firenze product requires daily care and affection to maintain its extraordinary beauty.

We understand that your Barone Firenze product will mature as the seasons pass, acquiring a "lived-in" look that tells a unique story. To ensure harmonious aging, give your jacket periods of rest, allowing it to regenerate and grow in character without compromising its quality.


Keep your jacket or bag shining with regular cleaning. Use a damp cloth to remove daily dirt, avoiding excessive use of water to preserve the natural shine of the leather.

Moisturizing cleansing creams are ideal, but be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and check compatibility with your skin.

In case of contact with water, dab with a light-colored absorbent cloth and let dry naturally. Avoid solvents and home remedies that could compromise the natural beauty of your skin.

harmful elements

Your skin is resistant, but avoid contact with water, direct light and excessive heat. Prolonged exposure may cause unwanted damage. In case of contact with water, dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid saturation.

Oils, makeup, perfumes and other chemicals can compromise the beauty and quality of your skin over time. Avoid them whenever possible to preserve the integrity of your jacket. Never use bleach, solvents or alcohol. These substances can irreparably damage your skin.


To ensure the longevity of your Barone Firenze jacket, store it in a cotton case in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place to avoid damage from moisture and mold. Hang your jacket on a wide shoulder hanger to avoid deformation.

Always store Barone Firenze bags in their dust bag, in an upright position to maintain its original shape. Use internal padding, if necessary, to maintain structure. Always store the shoulder strap separately from the bag, this can prevent any scratches or abrasions caused by contact with other objects.