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Give a touch of elegance and refinement to his style with our handcrafted leather jackets, bags and accessories.

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Save 20%Ambra Beige - Barone FirenzeAmbra Beige - Barone Firenze
Amber Beige Sale price€310,80 Regular price€388,50
Save 15%Sally Bis Oleato - Barone FirenzeSALLY BIS OLEATO - Barone Firenze
Sally Bis Oleato Sale price€330,23 Regular price€388,50
Save 20%ISCHIA - Barone FirenzeISCHIA - Barone Firenze
Ischia Sale price€118,80 Regular price€148,50
Save 30%ABITO CORTO ELEGANTE - Barone FirenzeABITO CORTO ELEGANTE - Barone Firenze
Elegant Short Dress Sale price€114,45 Regular price€163,50
Save 20%Faby Bike Corto - Barone FirenzeFABY BIKE CORTO - Barone Firenze
Faby Bike Short Sale price€226,80 Regular price€283,50
Save 30%ABITO CHIC - Barone FirenzeABITO CHIC - Barone Firenze
Chic dress Sale price€103,95 Regular price€148,50
Save 20%VIGNA - Barone FirenzeVIGNA - Barone Firenze
Vineyard Sale price€118,80 Regular price€148,50
Save 15%Sally Bis Collo Oro Cuoio - Barone FirenzeSALLY BIS COLLO ORO - Barone Firenze
Sally Bis Neck Gold Sale price€406,73 Regular price€478,50
Save 30%CAMICIA ELEGANTE - Barone FirenzeCAMICIA ELEGANTE - Barone Firenze
ELEGANT SHIRT Sale price€103,95 Regular price€148,50
Save 25%Chiodo Aly Biker - Barone FirenzeCHIODO ALY BIKER - Barone Firenze
Aly Biker nail Sale price€257,63 Regular price€343,50
Save 30%ABITO LUNGO ELEGANTE - Barone FirenzeABITO LUNGO ELEGANTE - Barone Firenze
LONG ELEGANT DRESS Sale price€124,95 Regular price€178,50
Save 30%ABITO LUNGO AVORIO - Barone FirenzeABITO LUNGO AVORIO - Barone Firenze
LONG IVORY DRESS Sale price€103,95 Regular price€148,50
Save 15%PARKA DORSY - Barone FirenzeParka Dorsy - Barone Firenze
Parka Dorsy Sale price€687,23 Regular price€808,50
Save 30%BLUSA ELEGANTE - Barone FirenzeBLUSA ELEGANTE - Barone Firenze
ELEGANT BLOUSE Sale price€72,45 Regular price€103,50
Save 30%ABITO LUNGO FUCSIA - Barone FirenzeABITO LUNGO FUCSIA - Barone Firenze
LONG FUCHSIA DRESS Sale price€103,95 Regular price€148,50
Save 30%ABITO LUNGO NERO - Barone FirenzeABITO LUNGO NERO - Barone Firenze
LONG BLACK DRESS Sale price€103,95 Regular price€148,50
Save 30%GONNA ELEGANTE - Barone FirenzeGONNA ELEGANTE - Barone Firenze
ELEGANT SKIRT Sale price€103,95 Regular price€148,50
Save 65%CHIARA BAG ZEBRA - Barone FirenzeCHIARA BAG ZEBRA - Barone Firenze
Chiara Bag Zebra Sale price€148,50 Regular price€420,00
Save 15%Sofia Oleato con Cappuccio Fur Tdm - Barone FirenzeSOFIA OLEATO CON CAPPUCCIO FUR TDM - Barone Firenze
Sofia Oleato with Hood Fur Tdm Sale price€508,73 Regular price€598,50
Sofia with Fur Hood Sale price€483,23 Regular price€568,50
On saleChiodo Gold Shearling Style - Barone FirenzeCHIODO GOLD STYLE SHEARLING - Barone Firenze
Gold Shearling Style nail Sale price€330,23 Regular price€388,50
Save 20%Shearling Sally Zip Montone Misto Fusion - Barone FirenzeSHEARLING SALLY ZIP MONTONE MISTO FUSION - Barone Firenze
Shearling Sally Zip Mixed Sheepskin Fusion Sale price€274,50 Regular price€343,50